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Cabrera Studios turned 1 today!
I’m starting to do some ACEOs after been convinced by my twin to do some art trading stuff. Our forum is planning to do this one day, since most of us are into drawing stuff too.
Here’s the sample of my ACEO, one of our OCs in our upcoming webnovel, trading card style. I’m planning to do more soon for more friends who are interested. hehehe…

Karneval fever!

I’m hooked to Karneval lately. This ain’t yer usual shoujo (or sometimes they say it’s josei) manga not just because it contains gorgeous guys and gals, but also because of their plushie-looking familiars and colorful graphics. No wonder it was titled as such. You will never see Circus the same way again.

But the English scanlated manga of this is still stuck at Chapter 61! Anak ng…


I did this when Manila was experiencing a damn heat wave that reached up to a whopping 35 degrees Celsius last April. And I also caught a nosebleed. Good thing I restrained myself. 

I promised not to do this again )but who knows if I suddenly got grazy and…you know the drill.)


I want to survive. I still want to live. I love you. Until I show you my true feelings, I will not sleep.


Sa umaga, sa gabi, mainit pa rin. True to someone who’s not too used on heat as well as snow, nakakatunaw sa mata.

(Was able to apply shadowing and light techniques that I don’t know if some have already used this, but special thanks to Silverfyre’s deviantion involving a Super Junior member.)


Bakit nga?
(With ispeycial participation of my kapwa-ilusyonada. She helped me ‘improved’ Yuuko by coloring her skin a bit livelier using…TENENENEN! COPIC CIAO MARKERS!)

Summer na kase.

The time that I got freaking SERIOUS in redoing a certain artwork. And I finally arrived to the time when I’m completely satisfied.
I’m crying with joy :’)

I’m very satisfied with this one. THIS is what I wanna achieve in a glamour shot: the softness, the glow, etc, etc—I guess it’s because of Sayuri’s fairness (wait, Hachi is also fair, right, this isn’t fair). Satisfaction rate: 90%.
I’m shivering from cold for her. And for the rest of the characters in their glam photos. Walang basagang-trip.